Things to do when it Rains in Bangkok


Don’t let the rain in Bangkok alter your travel plans or make you blue because there’s still a full activity programme ready and waiting for you, come what may.


Things to do when it Rains in Bangkok


When you’re in Bangkok you have to do what the Bangkokians do – keep your raincoat and umbrella close at hand.

The city is found on the delta of the Chao Phraya River, and it rains a lot – almost every day. Even when it is raining though, it doesn’t mean cold and miserable though, not with the awesome new Lancaster Bangkok Hotel recently opened. In this beautiful, modern accommodation establishment the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and there’s plenty to do.


Take ‘Being Busy’ to another Level

It can be a wonderful experience standing at your large hotel windows in the spacious and luxurious deluxe rooms and taking in the views of the drenched city.

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You’re going to be loving the authentic Asian- and international cuisine, knowing full well that you can work it all off in the most excellent ways. This is because the hotel offers an entire floor dedicated to your health and wellbeing. You have access to fitness programmes with in-house personal trainers.


No Need to Wish the Rain Away


Lancaster Bangkok boasts an entire floor dedicated to wellness. The therapists offer both holistic and traditional Thai therapies where you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This 5 star hotel Bangkok accommodation doesn’t hold back one bit on a rainy day, and you certainly won’t have to be singing ‘rain, rain go away, come again another day’.

While it’s raining in Bangkok, the fun goes on unhindered. Even if you’re a medical guest, recuperating from surgery, it needn’t mean a time of boredom. The hotel offers so many options to be happy with dedicated staff ensuring a pleasurable stay.

The health spa has highly trained, experienced therapists whose role it is to pamper you back to your former health. In the Viva Jiva Spa their focus is on the 3 ‘H’s – Health, Happiness and Harmony, even on rainy days.


Bright, Laid Back Shopping Malls


In Bangkok, there are some extraordinary shopping malls that guarantee a high-end shopping experience, from the Siam Paragon Mall to the MBK Center. At this centre, you’ll find no less than 2000 stores to please every budget and every taste. You’ll find temptingly delicious food and lots of bright lights and night markets. While it’s raining outside, you can be warming up your cockles with the city’s magical charm.


True, it rains a lot in Thailand, but that doesn’t have to to be a dampener. Why not try some of these awesome activities and find lots to do that will suit your mood, your style and your pocket.

5 restaurants you cannot miss when you visit Florence

5 Top Restaurants You Should Try in Florence

Everybody wishes to dine at a good restaurant especially when visiting a new city. A good restaurant can give you fond memories of the city while at the same time giving you the opportunity to try new food. Some of the top restaurants that we recommend to you whenever you visit Florence include:



This international restaurant is open all day but is best known for their evening menu. The restaurant is known for their Italian food accompanied with international flavours. The restaurant has a unique seating arrangement where breakfast and lunch are served upstairs while downstairs is reserved for dinner. The retro-chic lounge is the ideal place for afternoon tea.




This restaurant is best known for their vegetarian food that also includes organic wine. The restaurant also prepares nice handmade pasta and has a seasonal menu that keeps changing almost monthly to incorporate other foods. The restaurant is also known to offer pasta making classes.


Gusta Pizza


The Gusta Pizza restaurant is a great spot for affordable pizza. The restaurant has a small menu of seven types of pizza for their customers to choose from. The seating capacity in the restaurant, however, is limited. In fact, the seating arrangement is in long tables. The staff are friendly to guests and offer great service.


Le Vespe Café


The Le Vespe Café is popular with expats due to their English–style food that include breakfast and drip coffee mostly targeting expats who are keen to maintain their diet while in Florence. The restaurant serves huge portions to the satisfaction of the customers. The restaurant has vegetarian diet as well.



Irene restaurant is based at the city centre and has great wine as part of their menu. The menu follows the Tuscan traditions and served by skilful servers. The restaurant allows their customers to seat outside for great view of Florence streets while enjoying their rich menu.



The restaurants highlighted above are top restaurants that we highly recommend you visit and sample their food during your stay at the FIbnb Apartments in Florence. The rich menu allows you to choose what you find best while at the same time giving you an opportunity to try Italian menu well prepared by the local people. Sampling Italian menu will help you appreciate the cultural diversity in an Italian environment while at the same time sampling the best that Florence has to offer.