A guide to the best museums to check out for those visiting the Marble Arch area of London.

One of the many interesting things about London is the fascinating history constantly surrounding you with majestic buildings and intriguing museums, and the Marble Arch area is no exception. This part of the capital has a number of excellent museums that will captivate and delight visitors with their extraordinary collections and memorable architecture.




The collections in this national favourite will interest the whole family and is well worth devoting a good portion of your time to enable you to enjoy the displays at leisure. The dinosaur section is a must-visit area for most people and has animatronic models that bring the era to life. Another great display is the Earth’s Treasury with it’s glittering array of gems, crystals and precious metals.




This splendid building is one of the London’s most famous with the foundation stone laid by Queen Victoria herself back in 1899 and now hosting a vast quantity of applied art. You can lilterally lose yourself over 7 floors and 150 galleries that hold all manner of textiles, jewellery, paintings, dresses, glass, ceramics and furniture. Certain key things to factor into your visit include some cartoons that were painted by the famous artist Raphael as tapestry designs for the Sistine Chapel, and the Fashion Galleries that give a historical walk through dresses from the 18th century up to modern times.





This museum also suits all ages and has seven floors of displays with many interactive and enjoyable exhibits such as the Apollo 10 Command and also a flight simulator. A new gallery has opened and in the ‘Information Age’ there are lots of exciting displays that cover recent developments in communications technology across the globe as well as range of other award-winning exhibitions and tales of amazing scientific achievements.





As it’s name suggests this museum is dedicated to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so is built around his fictional characters as opposed to the factual collections of the other museums. Nevertheless, the much-loved detective Holmes and his sidekick Watson draw in crowds of all nationalities, and there are very entertaining displays of films, books, fan stories and video games that represent this major part of British culture and identity.


Therefore, if you are staying in London make sure you visit the Marble Arch area to see a concentration of some of the finest museums in the capital. There are a host of great accommodation options such as the Royal Lancaster London that will ensure you enjoy your trip in style and comfort. Whatever your reasons for visiting London you will be assured of a rich blend of history, culture and architecture at the museums in this area of the city.

When in London don’t miss Camden Market, the capital’s most energetic London market with shop stalls and street food, open every day.

Best places to relax in Shepherd’s Bush

As its name suggests, Shepherd’s Bush started from its humble beginnings as a place where shepherds would rest while making their way to the Spitalfields Market. It is now one of the major attractions in London. Read on as we explore some of the best places to relax in Shepherd’s Bush.

Bush Hall – enjoy live music


If you love listening to live music, then the Bush hall is the place to be. The hall was built in 1904 as a music and dance hall. It is one of the few places in London that has some of the best live music calendars throughout the year. Their tickets are also cheap, which means that you can catch a glimpse of some the best music bands and artists that perform at the venue.

Bush Theatre – see the latest play here

The Bush Theatre is renowned for attracting some of the best playwrights in the world. If you are visiting the area and you are a fan of plays, be sure to check it out for the latest premieres.

Shepherd’s Bush Empire – enjoy music by some of the renowned musicians

This is one of the main attraction in the area. If you are a music fan, Shepherd’s Bush Empire will not disappoint. This is a location where music greats such as Bob Dylan, Muse and David Bowie among others have thrilled fans with their electric performances.

Ginglik – listen to some of the best DJ’s and laugh with the best comedians

It is one of the most famous clubs in London. It was previously a Victorian toilet that was built to serve the 1908 Olympic games. It has now been transformed into a venue where you can enjoy music from some of the most famous bands and DJ’s, with the venue also hosting some of the best comedians.

Lord Leighton Museum – See some of the best art collections in London

If you love art, then this is a place where you can pass time while enjoying the best art collections in London. The museum was home to the great Victorian artist, Lord Frederic Leighton. It is the only studio house that is open to the public in the UK. Here you can enjoy some the fascinating paintings and sculptures by Lord Leighton and his colleagues.

Shepherd’s Bush Market – shop while you enjoy your favourite dish


If you are looking for a place to enjoy your favourite meal while shopping, then here is where you need to be. Some of the delicacies you will find here include pie, mash and jellied eels.

K West Hotel and Spa – unwind and relax

One of the most famous hotels in Shepherd’s bush, K West Hotel & Spa, where you can relax if you are looking for a Spa West London. It is one of the shopping hotspots in London where you can unwind after a hard day’s work and recuperate in a spa.