What Is the Difference Between WAGYU Beef and Angus Beef?


Most people are confused when it comes to distinguishing between WAGYU and Angus beef. Both are superior beef products made up of a significant amount of marbling but they have some differences. In this article, we will look at those differences.


Angus beef – a breed of small beef cattle from Scotland


Angus beef comes from Aberdeen Angus, a Scottish breed of cattle. Aberdeen Angus was bred to be sturdy and robust to enable the breed to thrive in the harsh Scottish winter months. For this reason, Angus beef has significant muscle content, meaning the meat has high marbling qualities. Cows weigh 550 kilograms, while bulls weigh around 850 kilograms.


Angus cattle are muscular and can either be black or red, with the female cattle having a white udder. They are mainly grass-fed; however, they are given grains later in their life. Known as grain finishing, this process enhances the flavour and marbling of Angus beef. High marbling qualities keep the meat moist for a long time when cooking and make the meat tender, juicy and have a great flavour.


Wagyu – originates from Japan


Wagyu beef comes from Japan and does not just relate to a single breed of cattle, but several breeds that come from that area. Wagyu beef is high in fat as a result of an increase in using feeds and a decrease in grazing. In turn, this leads to larger, fattier cattle. These breeds of beef cattle were originally draft animals.


Wagyu cattle are horned breeds that are naturally red or black. They were used in agriculture and chosen for their physical endurance. The selection favoured animal that had more intramuscular fat cells, providing a ready to use energy source. Wagyu beef has fine marbling and a mouth-filling savouriness flavour mixed with a palate-coating richness. When it comes to the texture, its tenderness can be compared to a lightly cooked fish.Here is a site with more details about the difference between WAGYU Beef and Angus beef


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